These 3 beautiful pictures were taken by Linda Gardner at Blue Moon Ranch Alpacas.


January 1, 2014

W are so excited to have Sophia and Soleil on our farm.  From Blue Moon Ranch Alpacas in Utah, they traveled on an alpaca transport for over a week.  Boarding in Utah the day before the winter storm that swept the country the first week in December, Sophia and Soleil rode barely in front of the storm from Utah to Ohio,  up to the New England States, then down to Virginia through snow, ice and fog where we met with the transporter to pick them up.


The girls were so glad to be off of the trailer, after

a week of stopping and starting with various alpacas

entering and exiting.  But their relief was replaced

with surprise when they were asked to get directly

onto our trailer for the 4 hour ride home.  Luckily, it

was just the two of them with plenty of clean hay to

bed down on.   I think they enjoyed being away from

the camelid crowd.


They are getting used to their new home and are

making friends.  I think Sophia is looking for the

Livestock Guardian Dogs which she is used to, but all

she has found are two weirdly wonderful dogs that we

have for pets. and Sadie, our Australian Shepherd farm manager.   Soon, Sophia, soon!