Affordable and Easy to Install





Keep your shelter and barn floors cleaner and drier with this affordable and easy-to-install Barn Fabric.  It eliminates the need for excess hay that gets wet and gives flies a place to breed, and eliminates the low spots and holes that form in dirt floors that are so difficult to clean and are dangerous to you and your animals.

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Durable AND Easy to Install

The easiest proper installation calls for putting down a layer of gravel so that any liquids can drain away from the fabric and then seep into the ground.


Barn Fabric is extremely easy to install and requires only a few simple tools:  scissors to cut the fabric, landscape staples to hold the fabric in place, and a hammer to help drive in the landscape staples. It cuts easily with a pair of scissors and does not rip or tear. 


·    Durable and strong enough to drive on

·    Helps with erosion in high traffic areas

·     Eliminates low spots and holes in your barn                     floors

·       Drains well

·      Makes poop-scooping easier

·      Easy to clean and maintain

·       Nice surface for breedings and births

·      Helps keep animals clean before shows

·       Comfortable all year round

BARN FABRIC is available in 2 widths:

12.5' and 15'


Custom Cut to Your Length


$3.00 / Sq.Yd.

Some edges will install up against a wall or a fence.  The raw edge will not ravel or tear as the cloth is not a woven fabric.  Edges that do not install against a wall, such as the pathway your animals use to leave and re-enter the barn, can be taken care of by digging a small trench and pulling the edge down into the trench, then filling with gravel. This prevents the possibility of getting a foot caught under the edge of the fabric.  We put our trench under the drip line of the roof so that it doubles as a drainage ditch for excess water coming off the roof.

Cleaning up after your animals doesn't change.  Just use a rake and shovel, or whatever you are using at the present time.  The fabric can easily be washed down with a hose and can be cleaned with a pressure washer, although  using a pressure washer for every cleaning is not recommended.  We do a once-a-year cleaning with the pressure washer just before cria season.